Auchterellon School

Auchterellon School opened in the year of 1974, it was the 30th Anniversary in 2004 and next year we will celebrate our 40th!

Our school day starts at 9am and finishes at 3.15. Our school uniform is burgundy jumpers with black or grey trousers / skirts. We recently designed our new school logo and the 4 people in the badge represent our house colours. Our Houses are Ythan (orange), Bronie (red), Forvie (yellow) and Ebrie (green).

Auchterellon School is an open plan school. This means each class does not have their own room where you can close a door. Instead it means we all share one big classroom and classes have different areas to work in. It helps a lot because it means we can work together on lots of different things with lots of different people and make new friends.

The Nursery also has a class in the morning and one in the afternoon


Find Us

Auchterellon School
Millwood Road, Ellon
AB41 9FA
Tel: 01358 720863